Monday, June 20, 2005

Secret Search Terms Revealed!

About half the traffic to this weblog comes from search engines.

My site stats enable me to read what search questions people entered into Yahoo, Google, etc. (But don’t worry: I have no idea who you are.)

To help understand how the world works, here are some recent search terms that led people to this blog. Clearly, some came of their own accord, while others probably went away disappointed.

Some are pretty funny. Some say something about human nature, while others simply point to the randomness that develops when you write 30,000 words that are all searchable.

tennis venture capital deals Winnipeg

canadian entrepreneur website

“rick segal”

Problem that encountered by a canadian business in the international marketplace


company of wolves bittorrent

email addresses and the guest book of manufacturers and entrepreneur in uk posted

Canadian Entrepreneur

john delponti

The unions have helped us to understand that we've been looking at the retailing business

Richard Branson", "employee recognition" OR "employee rewards"

45,000.00 canadian equals how much per hour

why canadian business fail

"what is leverage" "entrepreneur"

thunder bay lakehead canada blog

"benjamin keaton"

Canadian Entrepreneur Guide

canadian newspapers make michael jackson sound quality

"john delponti"

rick Spence

"clarity systems" + glenn cullen"

Come back next month for more “Secret Search Terms Revealed!”

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