Wednesday, August 09, 2006

Money, Management, Marketing--mmm mmm good

A few more worthwhile links from the Visa Small Business Conference website.

The speakers at the Small Business Big Thinking conference on June 12 were divided into four streams: Marketing, Money, Management and E-Commerce (even though it doesn't start with 'M'). For your edification, here's one of each.

(We summarized each presentation in about 200 words, so don't hesitate to click through. It'll only take a minute to read each one.)

Michel Neray of The Essential Message had breezy, useful advice about postioning statements. Read the summary here.

Margaret Butteriss, author of several books on HR issues, looked at the how-tos (and the rewards) of employee retention. Read the summary here, or click here for a copy of her slides.

Doug Robbins of Hamilton-based Robbinex offered some great advice on buying a business. Read the summary here, or check out his slides as a PDF.

And Internet expert Rick Broadhead shared the results of his research into how to boost your online sales. Click here for the summary.

Please send me an email or leave a comment here (or write to Visa) if you find these summaries useful. Some conferences circulate CDs or DVDs of speakers' presentations, but not many people ever listen to them. Visa went to the expense of hiring business journalists to produce professional summations of this entire conference. If your feedback is positive, maybe they'll do it again next time.

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