Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Online forum re franchising - tomorrow!

With its 500-page manuals and rigid operating systems, some say franchising is the opposite of entrepreneurship. Others consider it another side of the coin – an option for entrepreneurs who have more money than experience, or lack a surefire a business idea of their own.

The argument becomes immaterial when you think of franchising as an entrepreneurial tool: a way to expand your business with other people’s capital.

In its ongoing attempt to carve out a niche in cyberspace, The Globe and Mail is scheduling an interactive discussion tomorrow (Wednesday, Aug. 22) on franchising. (Yeah, yeah, slow news day, huh?)

The guest expert, Vancouver consultant Mark Wardell, will be answering your questions at 1 pm, Eastern time. If you've ever had a question about buying or running a franchise operation, or turning your business into one, this is a great opportunity to get some answers and benefit from his responses to other entrepreneurs’ questions as well.

Wardell is president of Wardell Professional Development Inc., a Vancouver-based strategy-consulting firm. He often works for franchisors and for clients exploring franchising options.

If you're reading this too late to get in on the conversation, follow one of these links and you may find the transcript. It gives you 100% of the information discussed, in 30% of the time.

Aug. 23 update: For the transcript (it's pretty short), click here.

Or click here to visit Wardell’s website.

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