Friday, February 15, 2008

Surviving in Tough Times

The latest issue of PROFIT Magazine is out, with lots of great stuff this month.

As the economy teeters, columnist Jeff Dennis offers his top "Lessons from the Edge.”

Kara Aaserud talks to experts on Managing in a recession

Columnist Rick Spence holds forth on “How to get results

There’s also the fourth and final instalment in the Advisory Board series that I co-authored with entrepreneur Greig Clark. This part is all Greig's: it's the story of how an advisory board he headed helped entrepreneur John Armstong build up his business and sell it for $25 million. I think every entrepreneur could use an advisory board, so if you haven't read any of this ground-breaking series yet, it's time you climbed, umm, aboard.

This issue also contains a fascinating Q&A with AIC investment legend Michael Lee-Chin. But it doesn't seem to be up on the Web yet, so maybe you should just buy the magazine.

I also wrote the cover story, on one of Canada’s smartest and most adventurous entrepreneurs, Bruce Poon Tip of G.A.P Adventures. He's survived a recession or two himself, and bounced back every time. I’ll let you know when the link is up.

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Anonymous said...

I had an advisory board when I was working on my thesis.
It helped. Yes, entrepreneurs should find a board too. It could even be a board of peers.