Thursday, August 20, 2009

Your three biggest fears solved for you!

An email crossed my desk last week identifying the three biggest fears of business owners. So, contrarian that I am, my column this week in the National Post looks at simple ways to overcome those issues that seem so daunting to many business owners.

The three fears: fear of not marketing effectively; never being able to retire; and not staying abreast of new technology.

So click here to read the story and extinguish those fears one by one.

"If you don't know whether you are marketing effectively, then you're not. Today's digital marketing tools such as websites and e-mail, search-engine optimization, promotions and newsletters are tailor-made for analysis. Don't waste another penny on unmeasured media until you have a clearer idea of what works."

"Whenever anyone recommends you invest in a new technology, demand a written business case (yes, even from your children. If they believe in it, let them say why). What are the costs and benefits, and what unintended side-effects should you expect?"

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