Friday, July 01, 2011

July 1, 2011

Just a note to wish the readers of this blog a Happy Canada Day!

144 years ago, on July 1, 1867, four small, scared, and suspicious British colonies in North America formed a Confederation to provide for more secure trade, defence and economic growth. The fruit of that visionary decision is today’s Canada, a confident, well intentioned nation that stands as a beacon to peace-loving people around the world.

While not as well known or prosperous as our neighbour the United States, Canada shows that national purpose and success can be found by different paths – whether it be violent revolution against a vexatious mother country, or gradual disengagement through diplomacy and good will. Together, Canada and the U.S. are a magnet for goods, ideas and people throughout the globe, and the most successful economic partnership in history.

A salute to all things Canadian. Shut off your Blackberry, bite into a Macintosh apple, enjoy some maple butter, grab a Molson, or finish your painting chores this week with a paint roller – all of them products of Canadian ingenuity and commerce. Have a safe and sunny weekend!

And all best wishes to our U.S. friends and family for a glorious Fourth of July!

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