Thursday, October 13, 2011

"A magazine is an iPad that does not work"

As a former magazine publisher, I am very interested in the future of publishing in the digital age. Magazines will never go away - they're too attractive, fun and convenient - but lately I've come to see that the future of magazines is to publish on interactive digital devices that deliver a rich media experience. Basically, the iPad.

Here's the appeal. You want to know more about a story you're reading? Click (oops, I mean, just point with your finger) here. Want to see more photos that go with the story? Tap here. Want more information on an advertised product? Just touch it. You'll get a great reading experience, plus all the depth you like.

So this YouTube video sums it all up. A one-year-old who plays on the iPad encounters a stapled paper magazine - and wants to know what's wrong with it. Why doesn't her finger work any more? (She even taps her leg to make sure her finger's still there.)

This is priceless. And possibly the future.

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