Friday, August 10, 2012

Catching up on a Busy Summer

I hope you're having a great summer. It's been quiet around this blog because I've been so busy. Let’s catch up on some of my recent National Post columns.

On Aug. 6 I wrote about a fascinating entrepreneurial bootcamp for Canadian Armed Forces personnel and retirees who want to start their own businesses. The veterans had the time of their lives, and they all stood in a circle and held hands at the end. (True story that I didn't have room to print.)

On July 30 I offered some ideas on how to build an online community around your business. It’s the future of business, you know.

And on July 23 I shared some key impressions from my Newfoundland entrepreneurship tour with Startup Canada. Sample observation: when the industrial heart of a smaller community fades (say, the local mine or pulp mill closes down), smart entrepreneurs refocus on the remaining economic driver – which may be the regional hospital, or even a Walmart. How could your business partner with local institutions to supply complementary services?

And on July 27, I penned an online-only piece called “Lessons from the Olympics: Own your own podium.” Read it now before the 2012 games are history.

Bottle Cove, Nfld (near Corner Brook). Photo by Ron Taylor

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