Friday, May 16, 2014

Steve Blank on the Big Screen

This week I had the pleasure of interviewing startup legend Steve Blank, live via satellite, on the big stage at the Discovery conference hosted by Ontario Centres of Excellence.

Steve is a California-based entrepreneur who originated the concept of the Lean Startup, an influential framework for rethinking the role and objectives of startups. You can read more about that in next Tuesday’s Post. (Link to come. here:

In keeping with the concept of “Lean,” I got to sit on a stool by myself on a huge but sparse stage while interviewing Steve. He’s very articulate and very funny, but he had a tendency to answer questions he wanted to answer, rather than the ones I asked, so he required a bit of wrangling. But on the whole it was a fun and eye-opening presentation that a lot of people told me they found fascinating.

Below, some pictures from the set, as snapped by members of the audience and posted on Twitter.

Or you can read more about Steve Blank on his website.

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