Thursday, December 01, 2016

Show off your sales savvy and win a seat at The Art of Sales

Let’s crowd-source some wisdom here.
Here are two of my favourite sales tips. Now you share yours.

If you share two of your best sales tips/lessons/rules of thumb by midnight Sunday Dec. 4, you could win a free ticket to the Art of Sales event in Toronto on Dec. 7.

Submit your best sales wisdom to me be email ( or by leaving a comment below. All those who have responded by midnight Sunday will be entered into a draw for a free ticket valued at more than $400!

So send me your favourite sales tips now.

Here’s mine:

Selling isn’t about convincing customers, but giving them the information to make the best possible purchase.

In selling, trust is more important than price.

See how easy it is? Send me your best tips by Sunday night, and we’ll all learn together.

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Rick Spence said...

OK. Clearly, that was asking too much in a short time.
Our next challenge will be a little easier. Maybe we'll just ask you to roll up a rim.