Sunday, April 05, 2020

How to Thrive in the Post-Crisis Landscape

The coronavirus pandemic and lockdown have created trying times for everyone... but especially for business leaders. In a time of fear, suspension and isolation, how do you rally your team and keep your organization moving forward?
76% of Canadians are voluntarily self-isolating to fight COVID-19 ...

With two friends, I wrote an article this week exploring the current shutdown and lookng at ways to survive and thrive in the "new normal."

The story's entitled, SHIFT HAPPENS: How to Thrive in the Post-Crisis Landscape.
You can read it on LinkedIn (the preferred version) or on Medium.

This excerpt offers the six key takeaways for thriving in uncertain times.

To respond to these pressing challenges and new opportunities, business leaders need to adapt, innovate and upgrade.

We call it the ECLIPS model. You need to become:

  • Expert problem-solvers, quick to solicit ideas and feedback from customers, employees and suppliers.
  • Conscious communicators, which means both improving your listening skills and better articulating your mission to all stakeholders (customers, employees, suppliers, bankers, governments, and community). You must know how to win attention and build trust.
  • Lifelong Learners: Self-improvement addicts who regularly learn new skills to deal with growing complexity.
  • Inspiring Innovators, constantly repositioning their products, services and messaging to meet changing market needs. Witness four-star restaurants developing their takeout business, while Ford and Tesla shift production to badly needed ventilators.
  • Pro-active, inspiring leaders, maximizing your teams’ goodwill, engagement and growth potential.
  • Seriously social: Tireless connectors who tap into community and business networks to get ahead of industry trends, spot opportunities, leverage new partnerships – and help others.

Leaders must grow. We believe the leaders and companies that evolve fastest will be the biggest winners in the post-crisis economy.

The bottom of the market – the point when people are most fearful, and prosperity seems far off – is usually the best time to think creatively and act boldly. 

Now is the time to become the skilled, strategic leader that your company and community needs.

Now is your time.

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