Wednesday, February 02, 2022

The Secret of Networking.

I belong to a pretty unremarkable online group on called "All About Networking."

The reason I call it "unremarkable" is that the members display very little interest in networking. And almost no curiosity about how to get better at it. 

People join the network, tell us about what they sell, and then forget they were there. If they do remember, they will probably just conclude that since no one offered to buy from them, networking doesn't work.

So I fired off a post to try to inspire them to aim higher.

And I want to share it with you, too.... 

I am seeing lots of people joining this group to network and learn more about networking.  

​So let's talk about successful networking.

​Networking isn't selling. It's not even prospecting. It's not about telling a group what you do and waiting for someone to call.

​Networking is about getting to know people. Not as prospects or customers, but as people. 

​If you want to sell, get a targeted list and craft an incredible offer for them.

If you want to network, demonstrate a genuine interest in other people and their welfare. 

Tell us more about you, not your product.

Tell us about your interests, travels or hobbies, and let people know you would enjoy sharing thoughts and experiences with like-minded people.

Or offer to help. How could your expertise (or interests) benefit others in this group?​​​ 

Either way, get some great conversations going. Ask lots of questions. Let other people shine.

You'll find yourself meeting cool, interesting people with infinite potential to enhance your life. 

Networking is so much cooler than selling. 

Bottom line: ​Before you "get", you have to give.

​Let people know you care about them, their problems, and helping them succeed.

​That's the secret of networking.

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