Friday, July 22, 2005

Lessons from a comic-book superhero

You can turn any experience into a lesson, says my friend, sales trainer Kelley Robertson. In my case, a childhood spent reading too many comic books turned into a story in The Globe and Mail today.

"Lessons from a comic-book superhero" offers 10 leadership lessons from Reed Richards, the stretchable leader of the Fantastic Four.

I wrote it up at the cottage and sent it to the The Globe's Careers page almost as a lark. To my surprise, they liked it. Mind you, they did a good editing job; they asked me to punch up some of the lessons to make it more focused and useful.

You can judge the results by clicking HERE.

An excerpt, for those too busy to click:

Stay ahead of others
When Dr. Richards incorporated the Fantastic Four, he divided the shares among all four members. But in a move of Conradian complexity, he managed to keep 51 per cent of the voting shares for himself.
As a leader, you have to be two steps ahead of everyone else.
And you must never forget that even consensual teams need clear lines of authority.

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