Wednesday, October 05, 2005

Upcoming conference alert (and discount!)

Michael E. Gerber has been writing (and rewriting) the entrepreneurial rulebook for three decades. As author of The E-Myth: Why Most Small Businesses Don’t Work, and What to Do About It, he was instrumental in helping thousands of business owners discover the secret of success: "working ON the business, not IN it."

Just a reminder that Michael Gerber is coming to Toronto on October 14, at the Soho Business Conference and Expo at the Metro Convention Centre. (He will also be in Vancouver on Oct. 20, if you’re that way inclined.) A lot of people I know are really looking forward to this.

In preparation, I am currently reading Gerber’s latest sequel, E-Myth Mastery. Cleverly, the book is divided into two parts: overcoming your personal limitations to achieve success, followed by “seven essential disciplines for building a world-class company.”

Do you know what the seven disciplines are? Give it a guess.

Ok, here they are:

* Leadership
* Marketing
* Money
* Management
* Fulfillment
* Lead Conversion (maybe he’s an alchemist)
* Lead Generation

Fulfillment, by the way, refers to how well you fulfill your customers' needs. Some businesses use the term to refer to merely delivering a product or service, but Gerber’s definition actually incorporates the imperative of delivering well.

For mroe info on Gerber, visit
For more info on the conference, click here.

If you want to register, I can get you an $80 discount off the $249 price. Click here. And don’t forget to quote your SOHOSavings Code, soho-RISP, to claim your discount.

See you there. I’ll be moderating a panel of three dynamic entrepreneurs at 9 am.

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