Tuesday, February 28, 2006

Another Blog Milestone!

It’s time to celebrate: today Canadian Entrepreneur welcomes its 4,000th visitor!

This blog is still small potatoes (at current traffic rates, it’ll take eight years for the accumulated readership of this blog to equal the readership of one of my columns in PROFIT or MoneySense). But this is a more specialized, interactive and fun way to communicate, and I thank you for your participation.

We’re also still on a growth curve. It took seven months to get our first 1,000 visitors. Our next 1,000 took 100 days. The next thousand took 64 days. We gained our most recent thousand in 38 days. So the sky is still the limit.

Feel free to subscribe to this blog, bookmark it, link to it or forward to your friends. Gotta keep the momentum going somehow.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Rick - congratulations. Your blog is fascinating and although you might not have the numbers they are sure to grow!

Tom Beakbane