Tuesday, February 28, 2006

Victoria's Secrets

“Ladies Who Launch” is a website for women business owners founded by Cleveland-area entrepreneurs Victoria Colligan and Beth Schoenfeldt. The company describes itself as providing “content and community to help women start and expand their businesses and creative ventures.”

I’m not sure what that means, but I do like the list of Top 10 Business Tips written by co-founder Victoria Colligan. She may be a former lawyer, but she clearly knows that entrepreneurship is a mind game - and you can train yourself to win.

Rather than steal all of Victoria's secrets, I’ll share with you my five favourites. You can click through for more if you like.

1. Train yourself to discern quality in everything you do and in everyone you choose to work with. Do not settle for mediocrity. You always have options.

2 Make the phone call you dread the most first. Make one hard phone call every day towards your goal.

3. Use negative and positive feedback to clarify your business message. View negativity as an opportunity to evolve.

4. Take at least 3 action steps every day towards your final goal.

5. Pay attention to signs that may indicate a change in direction. Your venture will evolve. Your ability to adapt is important.

So many people claim they want to be successful. They say they want to build their business. Well, Victoria's handing you the tools to do both. In five easy steps.

Click here for all of Victoria Colligan’s 10 tips. Or go here for more on Ladies who Launch.
Or just start working on quality, courage and action.

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