Wednesday, July 12, 2006

Getting it done on the Golf Course

Have clear, written objectives.
Respect the rules.
Have a product positioning statement.

Is this a formula for success in some sort of business competition?

These are just some of the rules offered by Michael Hughes, the Ottawa-based networking guru, for doing business on the golf course this summer.

Hughes’ article reminds us that while the golf course is no place to do deals, it is a serious forum for building business relationships – and that you should prepare for a golf game with an important supplier, client or prospect just as rigorously as you would prepare for any significant business meeting.

To read Michael’s article, click here.

My favourite nugget of his wisdom is point 4:

About business. Don’t discuss business before the 5th hole or after the 15th . This gives everyone a chance to relax and get into the game before discussing business, and to end with the focus on the game. A good finish can help the 19th hole confirm some business.

But I also like point 8:
Play the best golf you’re capable of. Some people believe in playing “customer golf”, allowing the customer to win by missing some obvious shots. This is insulting and can have disastrous consequences. Use the handicap system to even the competition.

Game on.

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