Monday, July 24, 2006

How to Tell Your Spouse

Here’s essential info for anyone thinking of becoming an entrepreneur – and a juicy read for everyone else.

Pamela Slim of the blog “Escape from Cubicle Nation” weighs in on “The Conversation” every new entrepreneur dreads: how to tell your spouse that you want to chuck your job and start your own business. How do you manage the shock, the insecurities, the fear?

There is no way to predict or direct your spouse's reaction to your news since that is totally outside of your control,” Slim writes. “But here are some ways to ensure that the conversation, or more likely series of conversations, goes well…”

Rule 1: Don't bring up the subject in the morning just as you're about to leave for work. Make it a conversation, not a proclamation.

You can read the full story here.

My favorite part:

* "Explain why you are so excited about starting your own business. Make sure your spouse knows all about why this idea is so compelling to you and why you are excited about it. Don't just talk about the business idea, talk about what it would mean to you personally to get enjoyment from your work. Would you have more energy? Would you watch less TV? Want to help around the house more? Become a 19-year old sex machine?

* "Explain the consequences of not following your dreams. Everyone processes job stress differently. Some people have a high tolerance for staying in an unhappy or stressful work situation if it means bringing home lots of money. Others have very low tolerance and develop health problems including depression, high blood pressure, weight problems, anxiety disorders and low energy. Make sure your spouse understands the consequences to you if you are unhappy with your work."

I believe that family support is essential to an entrepreneur's success. Never take it for granted.

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Anonymous said...

I already work for myself, but since I come up with ideas every other week, I frequently run things by her to get her reaction. I know most of the time she's going to cringe and say, "Another idea, Ben? More work?"

Of course, very few ideas become realities, but some do. Is it awful if I've hidden a few "side projects" from her? *smile*