Wednesday, September 20, 2006

The Hot 50 sizzles again

Who are Canada's emerging growth companies?

PROFIT Magazine has the answers in its new Hot 50 list, which ranks growth companies that are too young (just three and four years old) to appear in its annual PROFIT 100 list of Canada's Fastest-Growing Companies. It's a fascinating preview of what's working in today's marketplace, and where tomorrow's growth companies are coming from.

This companies on this year's list have grown their revenue by an average of 946% (more than 10 times!) in the past two years.

"Savvy beyond their years, the PROFIT HOT 50 show how smart execution, combined with innovation and a willingness to seek opportunities abroad, is a recipe for business success, no matter which sector you're in or how long you've been in it," writes PROFIT senior editor Jim McElgunn. (I used to write that way, too.)

Who's on the list? Business-service firms (which account for half the list), IT, marketing and communications firms, software developers, and yes, even manufacturers. But you'll also find a marketer of bison meat (!), a supplier of education-focused child care, a manager of public and co-op housing projects, a provider of on-the-spot auto-repair loans and a new regional drugstore chain.

You can see the list of new fast-growth companies here.
Read the overview that talks about the list and what it means here.
Read a particularly fascinating and well-written story about the No. 1 company, Vancouver-based leisure-shoe marketer Holey Soles, here.*
And check out the best management practices at these young but savvy companies here.

And don't forget to buy the October issue of the magazine. It's still more fun to read in print than online.

*Why yes, I did. How did you guess?

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