Wednesday, July 02, 2008

Jim Estill: Solid Gold

Globetrotting CEO blogger Jim Estill of Guelph-based Synnex Canada is blogging up a storm, even during his current trip to China. As always, his observations on business, productivity and life are pure gold.

In this post, he writes about 10 shortcuts for mastering speed-reading. They're all quite doable, starting with No. 1, "Know your purpose. What are you trying to learn?"

In "Managing Gowth Businesses," Jim finds time during his trip to China to blog about the six keys to successful mission statements.

And in a June 5 post called "Junior Achievement Banquet," Jim muses on the difference between small businesses and big ones - and why there will always be opportunities for entrepreneurs and startups.

Here's how he sums up the advantages that small business has.

"I always love the enthusiasm of youth. I love that many of them want to start businesses. Their fears in starting a business are that other companies are bigger, more established and have more resources.

"My fear as a larger business is exactly the opposite. We have resources and are well established but this means we are not as nimble as we need to be. It means things can cost more than they should. Overheads can be higher. The battle for larger business is to try to act small."

There's lots more good stuff from Jim. Just click on and read down till you stop learning.


Stuart R. Crawford said...

Jim is a rockstar in the IT blogging space, he was the one that got me blogging.


Stuart Crawford
Calgary, AB

Anonymous said...

Hello Jim,
Great article and very useful information. I hope you enjoyed your experience in China. I studied and live in China for a while and enjoyed every minute of it! The sleeping Dragon is awakening! I look forward to more of you post.