Friday, November 28, 2008

"Meaningless business quotes"

A number of readers have told me they enjoy the posts where I sum up the latest search terms that readers have been using to get to the Canadian Entrepreneur blog. So here we go again: here are a few search terms people have used in the past 24 hours.

I should emphasize that these are not the regular readers of this blog (you know who you are): these are people who conducted a Web search that led them to an article on this site. (After nearly four years of blogging, you can find almost anything in my archives)

This list may even inspire you to start a blog. Once you start blogging, each single article you post becomes a content archive that can draw people to your site forever. This is why blogging is so powerful: people come to the Net to find relevant content, and every bit of content you have never stops selling itself. Thanks, Google!

Herewith, today’s search terms (with dull ones and repeats omitted):

canadian women entrepreneurs entering industries speech
bowater employee loses leg
top entrepreneur movies
meaningless business quotes
questions to ask a successful entrepreneur and the answers for them
goal-setting skills for entrepreneurs
top new canadian company
westjet gallup organization
ten point of selling
great new companies Canada
top canadian entrepreneurs
dragons den meet the entrepreneurs
problem of focussing on mistake
mortgage lending ethics case
godbout towing
life and times of a canadian entrepreneur
canadian fortune hunters
working canadian entrepreneur
GM's invisible corporate jet
canada's fastest growing companies
top brands, Canada
who's who in canadian business kevin o'leary
project management for entrepreneurs
question before signing a contract IT
7 skills students need to succeed
ed Mirvish quotes

I should note that 4% of the 100 most recent search terms revolved around “questions to ask an entrepreneur.” Two years ago I noticed that that was a constantly recurring search term, so I wrote up a post to match it. That one article has generated at least one or two hits a day to this site ever since.

When you know what your customers want, you both win.

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