Wednesday, July 08, 2009

Need help with your R&D projects?

My column this week in the Financial Post looks at a brave new resource for innovative businesses: a government-funded program that helps connect innovative companies with grad students interested in doing commercial R&D.

The program, MITACS’ Accelerate, is bridging the gap between Canada’s universities and its private-sector innovators. Last year the program created 600 placements, and this year it’s expected to arrange 1300 more!

"The beauty of Accelerate is it's made for companies of any size, but priced for small businesses. A four-month internship costs companies $7,500 (federal and provincial governments chip in to match that amount, thus meeting Accelerate's fee of $15,000). For that price, a company gets help describing its project, links to the best sources of help, the services of a grad student for four months (including some expenses), and hands-on monitoring by a university professor."

For the full story, click here.

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