Monday, October 19, 2009

Happy SB Week!

Small Business Week is a great time for entrepreneurs to get up out of the trenches for a moment, reflect on their accomplishments and plan their future growth.

Well, any day is a good day to do that. But this week (and to some extent, next week) there are lots of resources to help you, from the SBW Mega Mixer Trade Expo in Grand Prairie, Alta., on Oct. 22 to the Hants County "Turning the Corner: Seizing Opportunities After the Recession" workshop in Windsor, NS, on Oct. 30.

Best single source of info for SBW events is the Business Development Bank (BDC) website at . In Ontario, Google "Bridges for Better Business" in your community to see if there's a full-day business conference scheduled close to you.

Or contact your local economic development/Community Futures office to find out what's going on. Even if they're not doing anything special for SB Week, chances are they have useful seminars and events coming up that you really should be taking advantage of. And you can look forward to swapping cards with other growth-minded entrepreneurs while you're there.

The best entrepreneurs I know are sponges for information, always trying to get smarter and do better. Jump right in to SB Week. The water's fine.

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