Friday, October 23, 2009

Jack Poole: 1933-2009

Heavy traffic on this blog today following the death of Jack Poole, legendary Western Canada entrepreneur and chairman of the Vancouver 2010 Olympic Organizing Committee.

Poole died early today of cancer - just 24 hours after the torch for the Vancouver Olympics was lit in Greece. He was 76.

Poole rose from modest Saskatchewan roots to become one of Canada's most successful real-estate developers. A few months ago, journalist Gary Mason wrote an epic profile of Poole in BC Business Magazine. On July 9th, I wrote a blogpost linking to that article and highlighting some of Jack's classic quotes, as compiled by Mason.

Tough guy, straight shooter, community builder, inspiring entrepreneur, Order of Canada honoree: RIP, Jack Poole.

Read CTV's hastily compiled yet eminently detailed obituary story here.
The National Post weighs in here.

Click here for the original BC Business article (July 2009).
Or click here for my blog's "condensed" version of that article: The Epic Struggle of Jack Poole.

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Marlik said...

We are still saddened by the passing of Jack Poole.

He will always be remembered for his extraordinary achievements and tremendous contributions to the business community.

We wish his family and colleagues our sincere condolences.