Friday, November 20, 2009

Letter to a Startup Entrepreneur

I had a query last night from a startup entrepreneur looking for my advice and best practices on starting and financing a business. That's way too big a question for me to answer for strangers in my spare time. But here is the free advice I offered her:

Hi Elizabeth. I think you wil find there are lots of good sources on starting a business, writing a business plan, finance and marketing. They're at your local bookstore, your local library, and all over the Web. Also look for local small business centres, which are often affiliated with your local municipality.

Your request for best practices, etc., is a bit too broad for me to help with. But I would be glad to help if you have a specific question on anything.

One particular resource I can recommend is "12 Weeks to Startup," a 12-part series I wrote two years ago, on starting a business. You can find that material at

I am sure you will do well. My most fundamental advice to new entrepreneurs is, "Never be afraid to ask for help." And you have obviously mastered that step already.

All the best