Tuesday, December 01, 2009

One Free Ticket to marketing seminar

Want to learn how to market your business better? For free?

The American Marketing Association - Toronto chapter is holding a seminar on "How to Market Your Small or Mid-Sized Business (So it Doesn’t Look Like One!)". It's at the Toronto Board of Trade on Tues., Dec. 8, from 8 am to noon. (Or come at 7.30 for breakfast).

The organizers offered me a guest ticket ($79 value), so I decided to hand it out to one of my blog or Twitter readers.

If you would like to enter a random draw for a free pass to the seminar, email me at rick@rickspence.ca by noon (Eastern Time) Friday, Dec. 4. You don't even have to write anything in the email - just put in a title like AMA Ticket. (Try not to use the word Free. Spam filters are funny that way).

I will pick a name at random shortly after noon, and let you know if you have won. If you haven't heard by 1 pm (EST), please assume you didn't win.

The seminar includes sessions on marketing plans, prospecting, creating buzz and building relationships. Plus there's a panel of successful entrepreneurs, including Razor Suleman of I Love Rewards, an amazing marketer whom I wrote about recently in PROFIT Magazine.

For more information on the seminar, or to actually buy a ticket, click here.

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Gloria Hildebrandt said...

This is the second greatly useful bit of info that I've recently found on your blog, Rick. I'm about to hold a draw for free tickets through my website, and I was wondering how to go about it. Your wording is a great template that I can revise for our own purposes. It's definitely worth my time to read your blog. Thanks for your work.