Monday, April 26, 2010

Best Entrepreneurship Quotes, Week 12

“If you don't have highly engaged people in a distribution business, you're going to be in trouble very soon. It’s the biggest driver of profitability.”

Jean-Francois Warlop, president, Quadra Chemicals Ltd., Dorion, Que.
Quoted in "How to Build a Super Staff," in the May 2010 issue of PROFIT Magazine

Shocked at the low results from a 2006 employee-engagement survey. Warlop worked hard to reconnect with his employees. He ousted three executives, improved employee communications, initiated an employee-recognition program, included more mid-level people in planning meetings, and replaced poor performers.

Result: Annual employee turnover is down to 5% from 15%; employee engagement is up by 52%; and profits have risen 40%.

Worth quoting, huh?
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