Wednesday, April 07, 2010

Canada's Biggest Tech Companies

Branham has just released its 2010 list of Canada's top 250 tech companies.

Disappointing news that the total revenue of the top 250 companies was down 6% in 2009, but it could have been worse. In all, the top 250 companies generated combined revenues of $71.32 billion.

For the first time in the seven years the list has been published, there’s a new No. 1 tech company in town (based on annual sales). Nortel has left the building. Replacing it, as you might guess, is Research in Motion, probably Canada’s top growth firm over the past 20 years. RiM's 2009 revenue: $11.9 billion.

Click here for the complete list and analysis from Backbone magazine.

Telecom guru Jon Arnold has his own analysis of the list on his blog. Here’s an excerpt.

"In terms of revenues, things fall off pretty quickly after RIM. Only 11 companies in the top 250 are at $1 billion, and only 18 are above $500 million. Stepping down the line, only 45 are above $100 million, and only 80 are above $50 million. In terms of the rest, roughly half the list - 120 companies - are under $25 million. Any wonder why so little funding finds its way into this market?"

You can read more of Jon’s post here.

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