Monday, August 16, 2010

Best Entrepreneurship Quotes, Week 27: Systems Count

"Growth is only fun when everyone enjoys their work.”

Randall Litchfield, president, Inbox Marketer Inc. of Guelph, Ont.

My predecessor as editor of PROFIT Magazine, Randy has emerged as a top-notch business leader – but he still remembers how to write. With this quote, from a recent article in PROFIT Magazine, he encapsulates the challenge facing all growth entrepreneurs: how to expand the business without destroying the culture that makes it great in the first place.

Randy’s complete thought was this:

“Growth is only fun when everyone enjoys their work. When stress levels build because growth strains your existing processes, people and infrastructure, it's time to retool (itself a stressful exercise). And at this particular stage, it is not the normal, incremental retooling you've performed so flawlessly in the past. We're talking transformational, gut-wrenching change.”

You can read the rest of Randy’s article here.

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