Sunday, August 08, 2010

Conrad Black's last days in prison

I just got around to reading Conrad Black's account of his last days in Florida prison.

Whether you think him guilty or innocent, his journey has been an epic one. His career may soar yet again, but he will never be the same after this experience.

If you haven't read this column from the July 31 National Post, you should. Click here to read, "My Prison Education."


"The Mafiosi, the Colombian drug dealers, (including a senator with whom I had a special greeting as a fellow member of a parliamentary upper house), the American drug dealers, high and low, black, white, and Hispanic; the alleged swindlers, hackers, pornographers, credit card fraudsters, bank robbers, and even an accomplished airplane thief; the rehabilitated and unregenerate, the innocent and the guilty, and in almost all cases the grossly over-sentenced, streamed in steadily for hours, to make their farewells.

Most goodbyes were brief and jovial, some were emotional, and a few were quite heart-rending. Many of the 150 students that my very able fellow tutors and I had helped to graduate from high school, came by, some of them now enrolled in university by cyber-correspondence."

Also recommended: The Post's Jonathan Kay on how Conrad has changed

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