Friday, February 25, 2005

How to cut costs

It’s nine months old, but I just found a great resource from the always hungry folks at Entrepreneur magazine. The story is “50 Ways to Save Money in Your Business”, and it’s chock full of practical, useful ways to cut costs now.

I wish it had gone as far as “100 Ways”, and gotten a little more creative, but there are still some nifty ideas (and good reminders) throughout.

I like these two in particular:

“40. Form a buying alliance. Join with another business or a trade association for bulk purchasing discounts.”

“50. Seek at least three bids on everything. Even mundane purchases merit shopping around. If you quote a competitor's lower price, a supplier or vendor will often match that price to win your business.”

Read the whole thing at,4621,316002,00.html#

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