Wednesday, February 16, 2005

No Hockey? Who Cares?

Here’s an entrepreneurial success story for you. How did the sadsack Toronto Argonauts turn themselves around and become winners not only on the football field, but at the box office as well?

Keith Pelley, the Argos’ president and CEO, has quite a story to tell: about the importance of putting passion in your work; trust; vision; thanking your employees; and building a brand called Friday Night Football.

Pelley spoke recently to a Toronto group called Future Leaders, and they were kind enough to post a précis of his talk here. Check it out.

Reports like these – frontline despatches from Canadian business leaders – are sadly scarce. Canada has many great examples of leadership to offer, but their stories are rarely chronicled. (Journalists would rather write about the celebrity CEOS who mess up rather than the genuine business heroes who actually create value and jobs [and wealth for people other than themselves].) But don’t get me started on that.


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