Friday, March 18, 2005

Best in the West

How do you build a great business? With great people. That’s something we forget too often, both business leaders and the people who write about them.

In Alberta, though, they know which way is up. For eight years, Edmonton-based Alberta Venture Magazine has been holding an awards program to recognize the business-building efforts of outstanding employees. You heard that right - not CEOs, but ordinary ermployees. This year they received 187 nominations, which is ample testament to the importance of what they’re doing.

They claim it’s Canada's only province-wide employee recognition program. What could be taking other provinces so long?

Winners were selected in eight categories: Business Results: The Bottom Line, Quality Enhancement, Community Service, Continuous Learning, Customer Service, Quality of Working Life, Team Performance, and Exemplary Young Employee.
To read about any of these winners, visit

Congrats to Alberta Venture for “getting it” -- in a way that the big-league Toronto media just don’t understand.

Truth in Blogging: While I admire Alberta Venture, I also write for it. But my admiration for the magazine preceded my involvement. I write a monthly column on the back page exploring Eastern (read Ontario) attitudes to ever-growing Alberta. Why would Albertans care what Toronto thinks? Check out my first column, published last September: “Who Cares?”

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Philisophical Aries said...

Do you know of any consultants that have sociology degrees. I agree with the people part and the recognition. Recognition is worth more than money.