Friday, March 11, 2005

Google's AdSense a bonanza - for some

Interesting article in yesterday’s USA Today on the impact of AdSense on blogging – and some bloggers. It turns out you can make $10,000 US a month from those little ads you let Google put on your blog. (Scroll way, way down to find them in this blog.)

I put AdSense on this blog just to see what would happen. I even wrote in disgust about how ads for Star Trek cra- er, merchandise, showed up immediately after I posted about the cancellation of Star Trek: Enterprise.

Of course I have no idea whether I am getting rich or not by anyone CLICKing ON THE ADS on this blog. (It’s certainly not kosher to ask people to.) I think AdSense said they would cut no cheque for less than $100, so I don’t expect to hear from them till about 2024. If ever.

Maybe I need one of those auto-clicking programs the story talks about.

For an idea of how the scent of money might be compromising blogs, check out this para from the USA Today piece:

Web site publishers need to be creative, says Dave Lavinsky of, an AdSense advice site. A house painter advertising his services on a homemade site is leaving money on the table if he mentions only house painting, he says. "'Housepainting' is a 20-cent word. 'Home improvement' is worth $2, so you should create content for that."

If you’re interested in the current state and future of blogs, check it out at

It even starts with a Canadian example!

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