Thursday, March 31, 2005

"The trip to Disneyland is cancelled”

The coolest thing about the Net is its ability to disseminate information in new ways – whether it’s through blogging, podcasting, or just posting other people’s memos for nosy outsiders to read.

That last bit is the premise of, which lets you access other companies’ authentic memos – submitted by people unknown for reasons unstated. It provides a fun, X-ray look inside other companies. So I paid the $45 fee in order to share Memo-rable Moments with the faithful readers of my column in PROFIT Magazine.

I found the results hilarious (he said modestly). But there were some interesting lessons to be learned. Plus an example of outstanding executive memo-ing (from Microsoft, no less). Here’s the link:

For those too busy to chase links today, here are a few excerpts from the warm, empowering memos of Corporate America.

The category: Treating employees like adults.

* "The trip to Disneyland has been cancelled. This is not to be mentioned again to anyone inside or outside the office."
* "Fragrances and scented products that are perceptible by others are not to be worn in the department."
* "Use of cellphones by employees must be limited to personal time and in non-working areas… Cellphones should be in the OFF mode, not vibrate, in all work areas."
* "When doing your expense reports, you are only allowed to use scotch tape to keep receipts in place."

Ain’t literacy grand?

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