Monday, April 04, 2005

The rest of the jokes will have to wait

There is history being made in Canada today.

Bloggers have officially taken over from the news media as the source by which Canadians are getting their most urgent national news.

While politicians and elite journalists are buzzing over the news from the Gomery "adscan" inquiry, and whether it means a snap election, the latest testimony is still subject to a publication ban. That means the poor Canadian taxpayer isn't allowed to know what's going on - all in the name of not biasing potential jury selection. (If they could find an unbiased jury for Michael Jackson, they can find a few neutral Liberals in Ottawa.)

But the ban doesn't apply to bloggers on foreign soil.

Just look at the Internet traffic scores being rung up the Amercians who have blown the inquiry's cover.

Please note there is no law against reading any material you find on last Thursday's testimony. The cabinet certainly has!

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