Wednesday, April 27, 2005

Tech Tales

Talk about spoiled. My last few hotel rooms have had wireless Internet access, so I expected more of the same yesterday when I checked into the Valhalla Inn in Thunder Bay – which offers high-speed Internet in every room.

So I fired up the laptop, which assured me that the wireless signal was “strong.” But I couldn’t get Google, so I played with the Control Panel for a bit, clicked on various help screens, and did everything but turn it upside down and shake it. (That would be the Etch-a-Sketch theory of tech support).

Finally I admitted defeat and went to the phone to call the front desk. And there I saw it, right beside the phone – the outlook for the network cable.

But this time I was prepared. Yesterday morning, before leaving for Thunder Bay, I threw a spare network cable into my case… just in case. I felt very proud of myself. I was able to get my work done, and still have time this morning to blog.

PS: It turns out the "strong signal"message is some ghostly leftover from my last WiFi experience, in Cornwall. Anyone know how to turn it off?

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