Monday, August 22, 2005

10 Recruiting Initiatives You Must Start Immediately

(Don't you love must-read headlines like this?)

That's the title of a recent article by U.S. recruiting consultant Lou Adler. Like me, he believes the talent shortage is here to stay (in fact, I think it will only get worse, but I'll save that for another day).

The solution: you have to get tougher and much more proactive if you are going to get the good people you need for your company. Here are Adler's 10 tips for toughening up your recruiting process:

- Make your hiring processes more potential-employee friendly.
- Break the wall between recruiters and hiring managers.
- Use technology to increase recruiter productivity.
- Implement workforce planning.
- Get more recruiters.
- Get your recruiters off the PC and onto the phone.
- Focus on referrals, referrals, and more referrals.
- Focus your technology efforts to build and nurture your pipelines.
- Train your hiring managers to be better interviewers.
- Don't take no for answer. (Adler says great recruiters recognize "No" as a request for more information.)

You can see his full article here.

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