Monday, August 15, 2005

E-Mail Your Customers Will Love

Eight out of 10 broadband users delete commercial e-mail without reading it. Six in 10 say most e-mail doesn't offer them anything interesting, anyway. So how do you get through?

E-mail marketing expert Bill Nussey offers his ideas in a new article on “A good marketing e-mail sparks trust in the "from" field, piques interest in the subject line, and follows through with concise, relevant content that is easy to act on,” he writes. Here are his tips for creating e-mail that works.

* Be the friend in the "from" field: Research says the No. 1 factor influencing people to open e-mail is knowing and trusting the sender - followed by an intriguing subject line.
* Place key information above the fold: Your brand, offer and call to action should be viewable on the screen without scrolling.
* Tailor messages to recipients: The key to relevance is personalized content.
* Write in terms of customer benefit: E-mail customers don't want to read about great sales; they want to read about great discounts on items they are interested in.
* Keep content simple: Too many elements or offers can divert reader attention and degrade response.
* Clearly state your call to action: And give reasons to act soon.

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