Thursday, September 15, 2005

Goal Setting and Organizational Failure

I'm affilliated with a group called TEC (The Executive Committee), an entrepreneurs' self-help group designed to help people improve their businesses and the quality of their lives. If you are an entrepreneur looking for a peer program that can enhance both halves of your life, drop me a line. I can hook you up with a TEC chair in your region.

To assist its members, TEC has produced a number of useful "executive summaries" of issues that plague entrepreneurs. Today's link is to a publication on Goal-Setting.
It's just four pages long, but it's a terrific summary of advice, checklists and tips to make you a more productive planner. And thanks to entrepreneurial Toronto accountant Ed Scheck, it's available for your free perusal here.

As you probably know, goal-setting is not for the faint of heart. It takes passion, purpose and commitment. Here's an excerpt from the TEC document that lists 10 common organizational roadblocks that get in the way of achieving objectives:

1. Lack of clear-cut responsibilities around the goals
2. Lack of a tracking system
3. Lack of an accountability system
4. Lack of commitment
5. Lack of buy-in from people who are expected to fulfill the goals
6. Ineffective communication
7. Lack of time or resources
8. Too many goals are financially driven
9. Focusing on too many or too few goals
10. Goals aren't tied to a longer-term vision

To score more goals, read more here.

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