Thursday, September 08, 2005

How to be a Better Business Person

A couple of useful quotes I’ve run across today....

* Chet Holmes, a U.S. sales and management consultant, says every business owner needs the Three Ps. “It’s what made every Fortune 500 company: Planning, procedures and policies.” In most companies, he says, managers run around doing whatever they think is best, rather than agreeing on uniform and productive operational policies.

I buy that, because all the growth companies I have known have been racing against time in their fight to survive and succeed: Can they develop the policies and procedures they need to hang together as a company before their fast growth spins out of control?

* “Create Mental Pictures” in your marketing, says online sales expert Wes Blaylock.
“Create mental pictures in the readers mind through your ad copy. You can easily do this by telling a story, or putting them in a certain scenario…The point is to try and get them to day-dream about what it would be like to solve the problem that you are selling the solution to.”

* “Replace your clock with a compass,” says Jim Estill, CEO of SYNNEX Canada and a time-management guru too.

“It is better to know the direction you want to go than to try to move quickly. Effectiveness is more important than efficiency. It is more important to work on the right thing than to simply work quickly.”

Click here to read Jim’s blog, Time Leadership.

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