Tuesday, December 06, 2005

Canadian Entrepreneurs Unite! (you too, Sir Walter Scott)

More and more Canadian entrepreneurs seem to be finding Canadian Entrepreneur. How do they get here? In about half the cases they seem to be following blog directories or other links that bring them here. The other half come from search engines: mainly Google, Yahoo, and MSN.

What search terms bring them here? Glad you asked. Here’s a list of the search terms used in the past week by visitors to Canadian Entrepreneur. Some make sense, others will make you scratch your head. But they got here all the same.

Search terms that led to Cdn Ent in the past week. (Some duplicates have been removed.)

voip customer success stories
chris staples, rethink, quote
bravo bmo
rick Spence blog
Dr. Seuss specialist
canadian business fortunes 2005
hardware store coming to cornwall ont
canadian entrepreneur
ethical businesses
quotes by chris staples, rethink
Jack Welch sucks (I swear, Jack, I never said this, exactly!)
canadian the young and the restless
diff'rent strokes. media domain.
kiessling Toronto
canada's greatest entrepreneur
one entrepreneur history
shasha bread company inc
history of Sir Walter Scott as entrepreneur (huh?)
examples of poorly written e-mails
Canadian entrepreneur

There you go: that’s what people are looking for on the Internet this week.

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