Friday, December 23, 2005

Fitness Tips for You and Your Business

I have quoted Jim Estill before, the entrepreneurial CEO of Synnex Canada, but he just keeps turning out good stuff at his blog on Time Leadership.

A runner and fitness buff, Jim mused recently on the parallels between exercise and business. Here’s a condensed version of his thoughts.

* Even if you think you are in shape, you will do some activity that makes you sore. The same is true in business. Regardless of how skilled you are, there will be new situations that will challenge you.

* Muscles adapt to the exercise routine so it becomes easier, but you do not get as good a workout. The same is true in business. By always taking the same challenges, you will get good at them, but you can also become stale. So mix it up a bit to grow.

* Overcoming challenge, procrastination and external events happens in both exercise and business. Devise systems to get re-energized and deal with the inevitable challenges.

* Small wins build confidence and lead to bigger wins. So just get started.

Great advice from a man who started a business from the trunk of his car and now runs a $1-billion company. Read Jim’s entire post here.

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Jim Estill said...

I am honored and flattered that you chose to post this. Have a great Christmas!