Monday, March 06, 2006

Executive Blogging

I just got back from a lunch downtown featuring two icons of contemporary business blogging: California-based blogger/author Shel Israel, and Waterloo, Ont-based Synnex Canada CEO Jim Estill.

Since I was there on assignment for PROFIT-Xtra, you'll have to wait to read my take. But nothing should stop you from clicking on this post from Ottawa PR guy Joe Thornley, a student of the new conversational media.

He'd make a pretty fair journalist (if he could take the pay cut).

Me, I was surprised how few people were there: 25-30 in a room that holds a hundred. While Shel Israel is out there evangelizing about business blogging, the mainstream business community seems to be taking a pass.

Could be they're still looking for the ROI. Which they won't find by sitting on their duffs.

(Do you know a successful -- okay, we'll settle for readable -- business blogger here in Canada? Let us know by leaving a comment. Or send me an email at rick (at)

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Anonymous said...

Thanks for the kind words, Rick. Pay cut? Don't all journalists earn salaries of Mansbridgean proportions?