Thursday, March 09, 2006

Getting connected, staying connected

Gotta love this item on Networking from sales consultant Jim Meisenheimer.

"Networking is one letter away from not working. "

"Networking is the acquired skill of reaching out to connect with the multitudes. Too many salespeople have too few names on their business Rolodex. Most salespeople don't even now how many names are on their Rolodex. If there is something more important than your business network, I'd love to know what it is.

"Here are three gottas. You gotta know how many contacts are on your Rolodex. You gotta do something to stay connected with the names on your list. You also gotta creatively figure out how to expand your network.

Note from Rick: I love it when experts make complex things simple. No one has time to deal with complicated concepts or tactics any more.
What can you do to simplify things for your customers?

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Jim Estill said...

Good post. My top 8 ways to network are posted at You would be welcome to run the full article if you wanted to continue the theme. Given you editing ability, feel free to edit it.