Tuesday, May 01, 2007

Best Entrepreneurship Quotes: Week 30

Here's your motivational Quote of the Week, personally selected to get your week off to an inspiring start.

“When you need to handle yourself, use your head.
When you need to handle others, use your heart.”

Terry Lough (pronounced “Law”), Western Canada franchisor, Maaco Systems Canada

While Terry passed away in 2005 at age 67, folks in the Maaco organization still talk about Terry’s unforgettable influence as a coach and mentor.

Franchisee Bin Xiu, writing in CollisionRepairMag.com, collected these other "Loughs:"

• Don’t sweat the small stuff. Take care of it before it happens.
• Ignoring the facts doesn’t change the facts.
• Life’s tough, but we’re tougher.
• Be careful of the screwing you give, cause it’s never as good as the screwing you’ll get.

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