Friday, April 27, 2007

Global Traders: You still have time!

I just found out that nominations for the Ontario Global Traders Awards close on May 4, 2007.

The Global Traders Awards salute Ontario’s best exporters (under $100 million in sales). Last year the Ontario government handed off the awards program to the Ontario Chamber of Commerce, which intends to run just one provincial-wide competition. (In its day, the province also hosted four regional awards events, which I was privileged to MC for the past two years.)

The awards categories this year are: Innovation and Market Expansion.

Click here for nomination information. Nominations should be submitted electronically to the Ontario Chamber.

Congrats to the Ontario Chamber for continuing these important awards. They have recognized some tremendous business successes (my favourite was the two southwestern Ontario apple farms, bitter rivals, who teamed up to export apples to the U.S.). And they have been remarkably motivational for any number of Ontario companies, especially in the North, which rarely receive any recognition for all their hard work and the jobs they've fought to create.

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