Monday, April 23, 2007

What NOT to put on your website

In an article this week at ConnectITNews, author Jeff Wuorio examines “Nine things not to have on your Web site."

1. Your photo on the home page. "Your Web site should be all about the viewer, not about you.”

2. Visual (and audio) overkill. "Technology needs to be there for a reason."

3. Too many confusing menu options. Keep your site structure simple. "People can hold between five and nine pieces of information in their memory at once.”

4. Information that could lead to privacy or security breaches. Have a security expert and perhaps even an attorney review your site to see if it offers any information that could be misused.

5. Information that could tip off competitors. "Think like thieves," says one Web security expert.

6. Undue jargon and techno-speak. Keep your copy and content straightforward. Have a non-expert review it for clarity.

7. Content that makes your business sound too good to be true. "Don't make your Web site an ad. Make it an interactive conversation with your audience."

8. Unsupervised chat boards. If you want a chat area, have a moderator approve every submission.

9. Bad links and outdated material. Review your site regularly for content and links that have gone the way of mood rings and pet rocks.
For the full article, click here.

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