Monday, September 17, 2007

Best-Ever Entrepreneurship Quotes: Week 50

Here is your motivational Quote of the Week, personally selected to get your week off to an inspirational start.

“I am an optimist because I have never met a rich pessimist.”

Seymour Schulich, Canadian entrepreneur and mining innovator

(Wikipedia reports that a $1,000 investment in Schulich’s company, Franco-Nevada, was worth $1.2 million by 2002, equivalent to a 40% average annual rate of return.)

You might also want to check out Schulich's new book, Get Smarter : Life and Business Lessons. Currently on sale at 45% off (till Sept. 30) at

(No, I get no cut if you buy the book. I just think he’s a smart guy, and this is a good deal.)

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