Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Business Communication for Bears

"Everyone needs to communicate, because that's how we learn and live. From the information we receive, we make decisions about what to do, what not to do, how to work, how to live, how others are relating to us, what they are thinking and feeling, and what is important to them. From the information we give, others learn the same things.

"Which is why communication is so important to a manager. It is a manager's job to get things done, and the only way that things get done is by an exchange of information. If a manager is not good at communicating, individuals will not understand what is wanted. They will not know how to direct their efforts in trying to achieve the objectives that have been set, and they will not know how they are doing. Since others working with them will have the same problem, there will be duplication of effort or, even worse, some necessary things will not get done at all."

"Are there rules?" asked Pooh. "I like rules. Then I know if I am doing things in the correct manner."

"Yes," answered The Stranger.

"Do the rules apply to Tiggers?" asked Tigger.

"They apply to everyone who needs to exchange information."

from Winnie the Pooh on Management, by Roger E. Allen (1994).

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